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2015 Nike Training Club

 The Nike+ Training Club was held on Saturday  2 May, from at Carriageworks in Everleigh (NSW). Here is a personal account of the event, from trainer and the founder of The Nourishing Kitchen, Kat Weihen.

Nike Training Club is  a full-day training challenge led by Nike’s best trainers. This event is a global tour by Nike for women to get involved in an afternoon of awesome workouts. From LA and Dubai, they came to Sydney and six of us girls jumped on board to sign up.

From Pilates to high intensity training workouts , the space was also filled with  Nike products to shop, beauty bars to get your nails done with the nike swoosh, hydration and free massage stations.

Entering through what felt like a dark alley way with an illuminated touquiose Nike “swoosh” above you were directed to a stand to get your colour coordinated wurst band for the group you signed up to when registering. We were group D – pink! My fave colour!). And in you walked, to a massive open space featuring a centre stage with a DJ playing awesome music.

We were directed to the bag drop where we could leave our bags for the duration of the day. On our way there, we spotted a wall with names printed along it – it was our names! An entire wall printed with the 2,000+ names of everyone who’d registered for this event – wow, that was impressive!

So we had dumped our bags, Our group D had a timetable that was crafted with a mix of Pilates, Spin, Boxing, HIIT and Circuit. All 30-minute workouts with 15-minute change over times to allow us to get to our next workout location.

We kicked off with a countdown to the warm up. En masse! Imagine thousands of females jumping around – a room full of fit women doing sit-ups, and the like! It wasn’t long until we were getting our sweat on! The session was led by Nike’s Global Master Trainers Marie Purvis and Kirsty Godso, supported by local Nike trainers  like Bec Wilcock.

Next, we split into our seven pre-registered groups and set off to different areas within the huge industrial-space. HIIT was first up for us and this was done in the same space as the warm up.

Workout two was a circuit and this was done utilising the space outside where the Saturday morning Everleigh markets are typically held. This was hardcore! Four stations each with tie exercises to be done for 60 seconds each, three times through, before moving to the next station! Man, we were knackered!

Our third and final workout was boxing and this was awesome! No gloves or pads, just air lunch combos with push-ups, burpees, squats and all timed to a bit of Missy Elliot from the DJ on stage.

There was a final workout but we were all running low on fuel and starving, so instead our group headed off to grab some dinner.

What an amazing experience and an incredibly effective workout!

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