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180 Nutrition - Shaking Things Up!

180 Nutrition – Shaking Things Up!

While checking out protein powders and shakes to build the strength of chronically ill clients, fitness trainer Guy Lawrence was shocked to discover how many contained sugar, preservatives and synthetic chemicals.

As a result, he decided to muscle in on the industry himself by calling on the help of a nutritionist and health industry practitioner to create a formula using natural, organic and raw ingredients.

Two years on, the protein supplement produced by 180 Nutrition is taking the fitness sector by storm.

The formula for 180 Natural Protein Superfood – is being being taken up by a lot of personal trainers and gyms and can also be used by slimmers as a meal substitute. The ingredients include premium grass-fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed, almond meal, sunflower kernels and chia seeds, all sourced in Australia and New Zealand.

180 Natural Protein Superfood is now available in a bar providing 100% natural nutrition without the sugar, artificial additives and preservatives found in the majority of sports bars.

There has never been an easier way to help manage a healthy diet when the pressures of life and work come into play.

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