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10 Mobile PT Essentials

10 Mobile PT Essentials

“Having a plan can help you reach your milestones quicker and set you up for greater success.”

First Aid Kit
This is one piece of kit you actually never want to use! Have it handy & more importantly, know exactly what to do if you have to use it.
For a great range of Sports First Aid Kits, visit

Council Permit
Check it out because it’s part of the deal and you want to secure your regular training spots.
Check with your local Council for permit systems and restrictions.

Business Plan
Regardless of whether you’re starting out or already have regular clients having a plan can help you reach your milestones quicker  and set you up for greater success – the same approach you have to your clients goals right!
There are numerous online resources (many free) to help you put pen to paper and set out your objectives for long term future success.

Billing Provider
Forget the hassle or even embarrassment of collecting cash, get your clients on a fortnightly or monthly direct debit and get some ‘cash flow’.
For a full list of Billing Providers visit or call 1300 496 546.

Maintaining the required 20 CECs every two years is a breeze with so many courses, sessions and events available all year round.
Check with your course provider or call Fitness Australia on 1300 211 311.

In the event of… well let’s not go there, you just have to be covered – no risk takers here please!
All-you-need insurance solutions available through Australian Fitness Network (1300 493 832) and Fitness Australia (1300 211 311).

This sales guy works 24/7 for your business, and if done right, connects you with “the people you don’t yet know” as well as extending your social arm to your existing clients. (1300 496 546) specialise in website design and development for PT’s and have package options for every budget.

Lead Generation
Without clients you have no business and word of mouth will only get you so far. Hit your local community with flyers or leaflets, trial passes, leadboxes and/or flags and an A-frame.
List your business online for free – the Lead Maximiser Program from GymLink Australia GUARANTEES results! Call 1300 496 546.

Training Gear
Look out for deals that include Swiss balls, medicine balls, mats, skipping ropes, Kettlebells, resistance bands, heart rate monitor, boxing stuff and don’t forget the witches hats.
For a full list of training gear suppliers visit or call 1300 496 546.

Business Card
Be inventive and double up your card as a free pass or trial session, appointment card, discount voucher or referral token.
Business branding packages to suit start-ups through to seasoned trainers are available from GYMLINKsites (1300 496 546).

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