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Ditch Pen And Paper And Chart Your Next Run With The iAthlete App

Review by Toni Krasicki

Want to know which shoes you run like a rocket in? How about comparing your 10 km run times? What about how your mood affects your run? These are some of the things the iAthlete app can do for you. Designed by runners for runners who want to keep track of their – well – running. It’s basically a sophisticated electronic diary that’s readily available at the touch and swipe of your iGadgets.

Launched in July, the app has hit its target market right on the head, as feedback from the running community, and that includes joggers, plodders and shufflers too, has been overwhelmingly positive. Serious runners will love it for the data analysis that can be used to help improve performance, and the casual jogger will enjoy features that make logging a run fun like letting you know that you can out run a red kangaroo if need be or at top speed a chicken can’t keep up!

How does it work? Well, just enter all the details of your run, race or session using up to 13 variables to describe each entry such as terrain, weather, your mood, distance, heart rate, surface, location, time, AM/PM, weight plus a screen to type any other titbits you want to document. What I find fascinating is the list of footwear you can choose from, which surely has every type of running shoe on the planet and beyond. The app is so detailed that you can enter the shoes used for a warm up, the session and the cool-down.

Save on data entry time, so you can keep clocking up the miles, and create ‘Favourite’ profiles that allows you to compare the data more easily, like your comparison results on frequently used runs or how many clicks you’ve accumulated during the past week. The more details you add to each entry, the better the app can work for you. Actually, the only thing this app doesn’t do, is the running.

Available for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch at Download at the App Store:

RRP: $5.49

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